New Phone System Saves Time and Money!

Previous System and Issues:

Our customer was using a Hosted Solution for several years. They found that they had continuous issues with the quality of service on their calls, calls dropping, static, etc. They had purchased 22 handsets from their provider but were unable to keep all phones provisioned at the same time, resulting in several users unable to access their phones. This customer has a few employees who are often away from their desk, walking throughout the plant, or out on sales calls. Without a unified communications solution, these users missed calls, and reception was responsible to know where people were so that she could transfer calls to their cell phones. Those staff members were using their own cell phone minutes and often incurring long distance charges when making business calls.
One of the biggest issues our customer faced was the level of service they received from their provider. Being a Hosted Solution, they were unable to get on-site support. When calling the provider for technical help, they waited long periods of time on hold to reach a live representative. Often left confused by instructions on how to make changes, configure a phone or set up a new user. In order to avoid this confusion, our customer found it was easier to “just leave things as they were”. Which meant not being able to change call routing or greetings for holidays, add new users or make simple programming changes.

Solution:                          D70-icon-angle

Digium Switchvox – a full featured Unified Communications phone system, that’s easy to use and easy to manage.
Our customer opted to use a combination of both analog and VoIP lines with their Digium Phone System. This resulted in fewer required phone lines and their VoIP provides them with call bursting (so they never miss a call), as well as no long distance fee’s North America Wide.
We worked closely with our customer to understand their business and what was required of their phone system in order to meet their needs. Their Digium Phone System was programmed for them based on their specific needs, and we provided intensive training that has allowed our customer to manage the phone system on their own.
They are now able to make program changes, add users, create greetings and change the call routing for holidays. They run their own reports, and easily add softphone users.
The staff members who are frequently away from their desks, are now able to receive all of their calls directly to their cells phones, using the Switchvox app for i-Phones and Bria for the Android users. These apps, combined with the Digium Phone System, allow the employer to set up their cell phones as softphones; a simple extension on the phone system. When using these apps, the staff members are not using their own cell minutes, aren’t incurring long distance charges or roaming fees! An added bonus to the company; no need to purchase additional phones.
After deploying the Digium Switchvox phone system, our customer is now saving money on their monthly telephony costs as well as on service calls. On top of that, they are saving time. Being able to easily manage the system on their own, means fewer service calls and no time waiting on hold. And when they do have a question? They know they can contact the Digium experts here at Wallwin Integrated Systems, where they get a live person to provide answers and support. If a service technician is ever required, they have the benefit of a local company, who knows their business and their needs, and who is able to send a technician on-site with a quick response time.
If you are interested in finding a better solution for your business needs, contact us, we can help!


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