Can You Hear Me Now? How To Boost Your Cell Signal


When you think about giving someone a boost, you typically think about helping them reach a top shelf or jumping their car battery – rarely we think of helping your cell phone. However, did you know that in places of weak cellphone signal, all it takes is a bit of cable, an antennae and a little plastic box to give you a clear connection and less dropped calls? It’s called cell phone boosting.

Basically, a cell phone booster is much like an internet router that acts as a sort of antenna. The booster is a placed in an area of low cell service and goes to work. While the booster can’t make a signal out of thin air, it can take a weak one, even as low as 2G and amplify it up to 32 times stronger. It then rebroadcasts the boosted signal to an area in need inside your office or home.

Depending on how large of an area you’re looking to cover and how many people will be using the signal, a cell phone booster is offered in a variety of sizes, prices, and strengths. With small home versions reaching 2,000 feet with 5 users, up to large office building boosters covering 20,000 feet with over a hundred users.

Why Boost?

Well, besides the obvious point that we are constantly in need of using our cellphones throughout the day, dropped calls and poor service is enough to put anyone in a bad mood. However, the benefits of a cell phone booster reach a little bit further. For starters, plenty of people take off to their cottages in the summer, and as you’d assume, the signal in remote locations can put a damper on anyone’s trip. A rainy day and no Facebook, no thank you! Not to mention, the worry of an emergency or even a work call can be lessened knowing you can enjoy your vacation with a strong line of communication.

It’s also not uncommon for homes and large buildings to have weak spots when it comes to cellular signals. Often times basements can block proper cell phone service, as can thick walls and strong building materials, leaving your employees with unanswered texts, missed calls and a full voicemail at the end of the day.

Another great aspect of boosting cellphone signals is the loss of a landline. While more and more people are eliminating their landlines and relying solely on their smartphones, increasing your cell signal can reduce your home to just smartphones, saving you a monthly bill and the hassle of multiple phone numbers.

In a world where we are attached to our phones for what seems like survival, having a strong service connection is vital. Whether it be to take business calls, surf for maps on a road trip or to send snaps from your cottage vacation, boosting your cell signal can take the guess work out of finding a hot spot for full bars. If you have any question about installing a cell phone booster in your home, office or vehicle, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions and help find a cell phone booster that fits all your needs.

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